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Maiden Mill

Maiden Mill Mixed Cider Pack (0.5% ABV)

Maiden Mill Mixed Cider Pack (0.5% ABV)

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The best way to sample the Maiden Mill Alcohol-Free Ciders! This pack will contain:

Flyer Cloudy Medium Dry Cider - Using traditional cider pressing methods in the heart of Somerset, our flyer low alcohol cider is a crisp cloudy medium dry cider, with a smooth and satisfying sweet taste.

Voyage Golden Medium Cider - A crisp, golden, full flavoured sparkling cider.  Everything you would crave from the Somerset apples it was born from to get that buzz without the fuzziness.

Served in a 330ml Bottle.

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Cloudy Vs Golden

To Taste

Cloudy - Subtle vintage cider notes on the nose. Bold Tannins and full-bodied character, balanced with a smooth and satisfying sweetness, Finishing with well-balanced acidity. 

Golden- Punchy green apple notes on the nose. Tannic bittersweet varieties subtly come through, balanced with a rich sweetness, finishing with crisp acidity and pleasing bite. 


Water, Traditional Bittersweet Cider Base ( Containing but not limited to - Dabinett,
Somerset Redstreak, Yarliginton Mill, Harry Masters Jersey, Jonagold), Apple Juice Concentrate, Malic Acid, Sulphites 


0.5% ABV



Gluten Free

Contains Sulphates