• It's the best AF cider yet. Everything you wanted from an alcohol-free cider but thought you would never get. Depth and complexity of flavour. Just in time for summer!

    Laura Willoughby - Club Soda Founder

  • I sat in me garden drinking a few 'Maidens' and only realised they are AF when i got up to go for a p*** and to my surprise I didn't fall over!

    Mark - Early Customer

  • Maiden Mill’s dry cider is everything I could ever want from an AF cider. The aroma is bright and fruity but hints at the dryness to come. On tasting, it’s the perfect blend of sweet and dry. Gone are the days of cloying, sugary “ciders” because Maiden Mill satisfies the adult palate and leaves me wanting more

    Laura Silverman- founder of Zero Proof Nation

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Somerset Born

Nestled in the heart of beautiful Somerset our aim is quite simple.  To produce cider with no alcohol, but bucket loads of flavour and enjoyment.

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Maiden Mill...the Story

We 3 Somer People are continuing the west country’s incredible cider reputation with a difference.  A limitless enjoyment of the great taste and relaxation that only a chilled glass of the wet appley
goodness can bring.

The first solely non-alcoholic cider producing company of its kind.

Enjoy the journey with us… with “no ciderfects”

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How its made

After the harvest of Somerset apples a higher ABV cider is produced. We then expertly blend a mix of ingredients to bring the ABV to below 0.5% whilst keeping the tannin's, flavour and mouth feel of the original cider.

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Made Better, Made Mindful

The World's first dedicated AF cider brand - Maiden Mill

  • Low Calorie

    All our ciders are only 25Kcal per 100ml thats less than 85Kcals per bottle.

  • Vegan Friendly

    Bunnies, birds and Brachiosaurus, can take sigh of relief...maybe we are to late for the dinos!

  • Gluten Free

    Our cider is full of appley goodness and little bit of magic, luckily that means no gluten!

  • Reducing our footprint

    The whole process from growing the apples to receiving
    bottles in our warehouse takes place within a 25 mile radius.